Mahi Toi

A changing exhibition of artworks from the Fletcher Trust Collection at the headquarters of Fletcher Building

Developed in collaboration with Fletcher Building’s Whakatupu Leadership Development Programme and the Rōpū Mahi Toi


Mahi Toi was generated and formed within the Whakatupu Leadership Development Programme at Fletcher Building. Often, Māori meeting houses include carvings and displays of portraits that show the whakapapa of iwi and hapū, carrying stories that represent and bind the people together. Thinking of our Māori culture, whānau and tūpuna, our project vision has been to use artworks as a means of connecting employees across the Fletcher Building campus at Penrose.

Initially, the Rōpū Mahi Toi worked with Peter Shaw to develop a presentation in conjunction with Matariki 2019. Since the appointment of Francis McWhannell as curator of the Fletcher Trust Collection, the vision for Mahi Toi has expanded. From 2021, the programme will include recent acquisitions and temporary displays in response to significant events in the calendar, in addition to key taonga from the collection. There will always be a strong emphasis on works that embody or make reference to aspects of te ao Māori, with due prominence given to work by ringatoi Māori.

GRAHAM, Brett;

Te Piriti Puāwai

1997, Cornish granite



1990, 1600 x 1000 x 100mm, Lacquer on wood


The Elements

1998, 1000 x 1500mm, Acrylic on canvas


Lattice No. 68, 11th Version

1980, 1728 x 1728mm, Acrylic on canvas

GEORGE, Darryn;

Huia No. 2

2006, 1995 x 1500mm, Oil on canvas


Painting Green

1971, 1730 x 1730mm, PVA on canvas


The Contained Waters

1963, 1370 x 875mm, Acrylic on canvas


Earth Radiance

1963, 1180 x 870mm, Oil on canvas

MCLEOD, Andrew;

Kōwhaiwhai (triptych)

2007, 1800 x 4000mm, Oil on canvas

KATKI, Areez;

Grasping (three anachronisms)

2020, 810 x 360mm, Cotton thread hand-embroidery on handwoven ikat khadi cloth

HARRISON, Michael;

Things We Cannot See

2020, 455 x 305mm, Acrylic on canvas

HARRIS, Brent;


2021, 1105 x 2440mm, Oil on linen


Garden Series 1, No. 1

1986, 1010 x 1480mm, Oil on board


Orangery (triptych)

1998, 1070 x 2700mm, Sawn-up cable drums

COTTON, Shane;

The Plant

1995, 1903 x 2750mm, Oil on canvas

HOTERE, Ralph;

Dawn/Water Poem II

1985, 1810 x 1810mm, Acrylic on unstretched canvas

MATCHITT, Paratene;


1965, 465 x 685mm, PVA on board


Untitled (Te Ika-a-Māui)

c.1965, 415 x 1470 x 65mm, Wood and copper



2003, 1000 x 1500mm, Acrylic on canvas

HOTERE, Ralph;

Black Painting

1970, 910 x 910mm, Oil on board

KARAKA, Emily;

Kaitiakitanga: Shield II

1993, 1190 x 810mm, Mixed media on board

KARAKA, Emily;

Kaitiakitanga: Shield I

1993, 1225 x 810mm, Mixed media on board

FORD, John Bevan;

Combined Energies (Te Aitanga a Kiwa series)

1995, 1050 x 882mm, Coloured inks on Japanese paper

MERRETT, Joseph Jenner;

Hōne Heke and His Wife Harriet with Four Attendants

c.1845, 270 x 220mm, Watercolour on paper

GOLDIE, Charles Frederick;

Kapi Kapi or Ahinata Te Rangitautini

1909, 190 x 140mm, Oil on board


Children of Tāne

1985, 750 x 1010mm, Oil and acrylic on board

TAEPA, Ngataiharuru;

Whitiwhiti ora

2020, 1750 x 1100mm, Acrylic on wood

WALTERS, Gordon;

Karaka II

c.1980, 1524 x 1142mm, Acrylic on canvas

COTTON, Shane;

Slow Descent

2006, 1800 x 1500mm, Oil on canvas

H., M. A.;

A Drawing of the Head of Bola, a New Zealand Chief

1829, 135 x 100mm, Watercolour on paper

H., M. A.;

A Drawing of the Head of Bola, a New Zealand Chief

1831, 140 x 110mm, Hand-coloured lithograph on paper

ELLIS, Robert;


1966, 1740 x 2580mm, Oil on canvas



1993, 1015 x 5880mm, Wax, bitumen and oil stick on board

DOWMAN, Matthew;

Synthesis 1

2004, 2000 x 1665mm, Mixed media on canvas

PRINCE, Diane;

Odyssey of a Sale

1996, 2475 x 1280mm, Acrylic on unstretched canvas


Whakapapa: Get Down Upon Your Knees II

2009, 2000 x 2000mm, Glitter and synthetic polymer on canvas


Deep Relief

1974, 1360 x 1830mm, Acrylic and lacquer on aluminium and canvas

Whakatupu Leadership
Development Programme

Val Pānui, projects coordinator

Rōpū Mahi Toi
Annaliese Davies
Kim Hancy
Eleva Roberts
John Swift

Fletcher Trust Collection
Francis McWhannell, curator
Angus Fletcher, chairman

The Fletcher Trust Collection is one of the largest curated private collections of Aotearoa art. The Trust makes works available online as well as via exhibitions initiated by public art institutions and by the Trust itself.

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