TWEEDIE, Merylyn;

scrubbers or I will need a word processor or thank you Marie

Photocopies, epoxy resin and fibreglass cloth on wallpaper
890 x 2120mm

A mixed-media artist, Tweedie works with drawing, film, photography, video, and installation. She is one of the New Zealand art scene’s most lateral thinkers, making art out of a bewildering array of found materials (pictures from old books, linoleum, wallpaper patterns, handbags, fire screens, unclaimed snapshots from the local photolab etc.). She has produced work under the names Dora Productions, Popular Productions, Arthur C. Craig Art Foundation and Lillian Budd; undoubtedly, new personifications will emerge in the future. Tweedie’s collaged wall pieces, of which “Scrubbers” is one, were mainly concerned with feminist theory. She used its language as the material for her work, incorporating her own handwriting, bits of plastic tablecloth and linoleum (the kitchen floor) to which she added texts and images from books and magazines, in this case from Home and Building (houseplans and elevations) and diagrams from pseudo-medical texts in which women were subjected to bizzare medical treatments.

The resulting collage is a bitter though still humorous statement about the domestic lot of the woman at home, the “scrubber” whose work as cleaner and cook is invariably a kind of solitary confinement. “Scrubbers” featured in the exhibition and publication Pleasures and Dangers: Artists of the 1990s published by the Moet et Chandon New Zealand Art Foundation in 1991 as a celebration of the work of emerging artists.

Exhibition History

after McCahon: some configurations in recent art, curated by Christina Barton, Auckland City Art Gallery (now Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki), 26 May to 9 July 1989

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