OLIVER, Richard Aldworth;

Harry Bluff and Johnny

Lithograph on paper
265 x 390mm

From Richard Aldworth Oliver, A Series of Lithographic Drawings, from Sketches in New Zealand, etc. (London: Dickinson Brothers, [1852]). Other lithographs from the series can be viewed here.

The text for the portraits of Harry Bluff and Johnny reads as follows:

‘[Harry Bluff and Johnny] Are half-castes, probably the children of Whalers; at least the name of one, Harry Bluff, savours strongly of these rude but enterprising people. Harry, I fear, is receiving but an indifferent education, going about with a doting old grandfather, Pokene [sic], and has already learnt to play cards and smoke a pipe, while his interesting manners, and appearance obtain many a sixpence which is shared between them. Pokene was formerly a person of some consequence.’

‘Johnny is an engaging child that I saw with Tiaroa’s [i.e. Taiaroa’s] tribe at Otago. There are several half-castes in this Pat, and amongst them two interesting girls.’