Waikato Landscape

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Oil on board
580 x 710mm

In 1985, with this painting, Frizzell’s work changed direction. This is the artist’s first landscape, a work done experimentally as he had never regarded himself as part of New Zealand’s extensive landscape tradition. Since 1985 Frizzell has produced many landscapes some of them very large canvasses. As in his earlier New Image still lifes, Frizzell was de-bunking traditional myths about landscape. Using a rough kind of realism the artist often made ironic commentary on so many of New Zealand art’s carefully painted atmospheric landscapes.

Although ironic deflation is a more important feature of Frizzell’s art than is generally realised, his later landscapes have tended to blur the ambiguities of the earlier ones, a factor which has made them increasingly popular.

The Fletcher Trust Collection is one of the largest curated private collections of Aotearoa New Zealand art. The Trust makes works available to the public online as well as via exhibitions initiated by public art institutions and by the Trust itself.

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