HARRIS, Jeffrey;

Untitled (Judith) No. 8

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Oil on board
1195 x 1780mm

In Untitled (Judith) No. 8, the misery-wracked figures remain separate, the dinghies have no oars, a threatening bird flies across the sky, and the blocks of colour speak of the loss of integration. Like other works by Jeffrey Harris, it is—to use Michael Dunn’s words—suggestive of a journey that could be taken together but which appears more as a solitary path for the male artist figure.

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J. Harris. 1978/79. [l.r.] J. Harris / 14 Beta St. / Roslyn / DUNEDIN / Ph 774-976 ; 8 / BOSSHARD GALLERIES DUNEDIN [verso] Untitled / (Judith) No 8. / 1978/79 / oil on hardboard [label]


Challenge Collection (later Fletcher Trust Collection), purchased from Bosshard Gallery, Ōtepoti, 1983

The Fletcher Trust Collection is one of the largest curated private collections of Aotearoa art. The Trust makes works available online as well as via exhibitions initiated by public art institutions and by the Trust itself.

The Fletcher Trust
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New Zealand


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