HARRIS, Jeffrey;

Untitled (Judith) No. 8

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Oil on board
1195 x 1780mm

In Untitled (Judith) No. 8, the misery-wracked figures remain separate, the dinghies have no oars, a threatening bird flies across the sky, and the blocks of colour speak of the loss of integration. Like other works by Jeffrey Harris, it is—to use Michael Dunn’s words—suggestive of a journey that could be taken together but which appears more as a solitary path for the male artist figure.

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J. Harris. 1978/79. [l.r.] J. Harris / 14 Beta St. / Roslyn / DUNEDIN / Ph 774-976 ; 8 / BOSSHARD GALLERIES DUNEDIN [verso] Untitled / (Judith) No 8. / 1978/79 / oil on hardboard [label]


Challenge Collection (later Fletcher Trust Collection), purchased from Bosshard Gallery, Ōtepoti, 1983