EISE, Ida;

Still Life — Lasiandra

Oil on canvas
490 x 390mm

Ida Eise was born in Auckland and received her education at the Elam School of Fine Art from 1905–15. From 1916–19 she taught art at New Plymouth Technical College, in 1920 joining the staff of Elam where she remained until 1956, briefly working there again from 1959–60. She spent the years 1961–62 touring in the South Pacific, Australia and Europe. Much of her work was devoted to landscape painting in the Auckland and Northland areas; her still lifes, of which this work is a particularly fine example, were imitated by a host of pupils, somewhat devaluing their currency.

Both Lois White and Ida Eise had the misfortune to remain on the staff of Elam long after their aesthetic values were regarded as relevant by most students. In neither case, however, does this diminish the quality of their individual abilities as painters.

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