PICK, Séraphine;

Shedding Light (triptych)

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Oil, graphite and coloured pencil on canvas
1670 x 1220mm (each piece); 1670 x 3660mm (overall)

Séraphine Pick was born in Kawakawa in the Bay of Islands where she began drawing and making models from an early age as a means of entertainment. Her interest was formalised in 1984 when she was accepted into the Ilam School of Fine Arts where she eventually graduated with a B.F.A, majoring in painting. Since then the artist has been involved in numerous solo and group exhibitions, received of the Olivia Spencer-Bower award, and was the 1995 Rita Angus Artist Fellow. In the same year as this work was completed Pick was awarded a Visa Gold Merit Award.

Shedding Light was first shown in an exhibition at the Claybrook Gallery called Shadow Play. The artist wrote the following statement to accompany the show: These paintings initially came from a series of drawings where I was exploring the idea of memory and how I remembered objects from childhood like the Iron bed, balloons tied to its end, my mothers colander and other domestic objects. Using these images as a shadow play on the layered surfaces. I have worked this way, using many layers of drawings and painting and using light colours to evoke a dream like quality and a thinking process as memories are never quite clear and real.

These works appear quite abstract from a distance, a few marks on the field draw the viewer into the work, then revealing more information (images) on its surface. So images appear out of the surface of the painting like objects evoke memories to appear from the mind, or a place, person or time. The bed is also an ‘island’ for these ‘objects of memory’ — being a place to dream. The bandages conceal and support these memories and thoughts. I hope the viewer brings their own memories, knowledge and experience to the work. In this way the viewer completes the work with their perception and interpretation of it.

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