LANE, Tony;

Perspective with Rocks

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May 1991
Oil and schlagmetal on gesso on board
710 x 1100mm (frame)

In Perspective with Rocks, Tony Lane has treated the frame with the same consideration as the picture so that it becomes a feature to be looked at, rather than beyond. The use of gold and silver leaf relates to alchemy, and also to his interest in paintings of the Byzantine tradition, in which gold is used to show the heightened significance of particular religious figures.

Lane, however, is not concerned with specific figures, commenting, ‘I like the sense that it is the icon itself that is worshipped rather than what it may represent.’ The title of this work recalls experiments with methods of perspective conducted by artists of the early Renaissance.

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TL [l.l.] 5.91 [l.r.] TONY LANE / 1991 / Title: "Perspective with Rocks" / Medium: oil + schlagmetal on gesso ground [verso]


Fletcher Trust Collection, purchased from Gregory Flint Gallery, August 1991