Blue/Red to Len Lye

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Oil on canvas
2030 x 2030mm

This work was first exhibited in 1980 at a San Francisco exhibition held in the gallery called Modernism Art of the 20th Century. In the catalogue issued to accompany the exhibition Ronny H. Cohen wrote: “Max Gimblett is a color visionary of a new, direct and boldly contemporary kind. since 1965 he has made color the essence of his art and worked towards realising color’s infinite potential for emotive expression. Pure and sensuous, reticent and aggressive, specific and mysterious, his color has the capacity to move the eye, mind and emotions.”

“Gimblett’s work is rich in content… such attitude is what encourages the viewer to not merely look but see beyond a deceptively exclusive, reduced-to-geometric-basics exterior into the artist’s wondrously inclusive vision of color.”

“Gimblett’s content is color, color is content: in his paintings color is always turning, always moving, always charged with exciting perceptual, intellectual and emotional sensations.”

In this work there is what Mary Lee Thompson described as “an angry truce between equally belligerent blue and red.” The work is offered as a non-specific homage to the internationally renowned New Zealand born sculptor Len Lye who, like Gimblett spent much of his life in New York. Max Gimblett first met Lye in 1976 when the sculptor visited his first New York one person exhibition.

Exhibition History

The 80s Show: Paintings from the Fletcher Trust Collection, Tauranga Art Gallery Toi Tauranga, 1 July to 27 August 2017 (toured)

The Fletcher Trust Collection is one of the largest curated private collections of Aotearoa New Zealand art. The Trust makes works available to the public online as well as via exhibitions initiated by public art institutions and by the Trust itself.

The Fletcher Trust
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Auckland 1142
New Zealand

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