Auckland Harbour

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290 x 490mm

Blomfield was born in London arriving in Auckland in 1863. He was a house decorator and a self taught artist though in time came to be regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading artists. In the 1880s his Victoria Street studio was open daily and was visited as a matter of course by tourists. In 1886 Blomfield exhibited twelve painting he had made earlier of the destroyed Pink and White Terraces; he would never sell these originals but over the years made many copies of them. He made expeditions covering most of New Zealand, recording scenic splendour in a detailed style which became more romantic in the sublime manner as he grew older.

If critics were not always kind to him the public was appreciative though by 1893 his popularity was waning. He tried his luck in Australia without great success. Like Goldie he suffered a nervous collapse in his later years and stopped painting altogether.